Emily Doll

First Impressions

Emily Doll is a cute brunette with a youthful smile, a lovely body, and a versatile hair do that she changes up on a regular basis. She looks awfully hot on her free tour and it has me excited to see what the member’s area offers. She just turned 18 and almost immediately began shooting content for her website, which she’s been eager to start running for years. Now that she’s turned 18 she plans to start having fun with her life, including doing both guys and girls, so get ready to follow along.

Hot Promises

The tour is informative, although it’s a little light on sharing content with us. There are some pictures here, but not enough to get a true sense of what’s inside. Instead she gives us lengthy descriptions of her content. The movies feature her posing solo and playing with herself and hanging out with her girlfriends and being naughty. Also, she says they’re all high definition, which would be quite an accomplishment. New photo sets are added twice a week and once again you’ll see her posing solo and hanging out with her girlfriends. One thing that worries me is the space for her newest updates is totally blank.


There’s a strange sense I get on the main member’s page of EmilyDoll that things are unfinished. There’s a lot of white space in the design, like they intended to have something to put there but have to do it. There’s a large section labeled coming soon that’s entirely empty and the newest updates section has one message from the day the site launched and nothing else. The last update was more than two months ago, so it appears as though the site has gone into permanent hibernation. Now the question is whether or not there’s enough stuff here to warrant a membership.

There are 48 picture galleries for you to peruse and most feature 80-120 images. The full sized images are high resolution, although some are a little blurry. When browsing the thumbnailed galleries you can choose between three sizes for your display images, which is pretty great. You can also rate each set or use the slideshow feature to have the images displayed for you so you can do your work hands free. Members can also download zip files with all the images contained within.

Emily Doll is the epitome of a teen model. By that I mean that her site is largely devoid of lingerie pictures and overly sexy posing. Instead she wears a lot of t-shirts and tank tops and works the cute look. It’s a good look, but it’s also something that not everyone is into. If it’s the look for you then you’re going to love her site. There are a few exceptions to that rule – a set in which she models a sheer black camisole for instance – but for the most part that’s the kind of content you’ll be seeing.

Emily is a fully nude model, although she doesn’t explicitly show her pussy. Instead you’ll catch glimpses of it here and there when she chooses to remove her panties and give you a peak. Each gallery does feature multiple shots of her naked breasts, which are perky B cup beauties. My favorite gallery at the site is the one in which she poses in the aforementioned black camisole. I’m a guy that loves lingerie, and Emily looks awfully good in that set. I also enjoyed the set that features her posing in a white and pink lace camisole and shorts. There’s a lot of good stuff here.

The videos section comes up a little short in terms of content. There are only 9 clips for you to download and that’s all there ever will be. There are multiple options for viewing the scenes, which is a welcome change from the way most teen babes run their sites. Here you can watch a flash converted version in your browser or download four WMV versions: ultra, high, medium and low quality. The ultra high quality clips are well worth the time it takes to download them. They look like a beautiful DVD playing out in front of you.

I appreciate that they offer nine small pictures from each video so you have some idea what you’re downloading when you queue it up. That’s not always the case and it’s a brilliant idea that they had here. In some videos you’ll watch as Emily poses in a cute outfit and then slowly strips. She’ll occasionally run her hands over her pussy, but she doesn’t get too involved down there. You can also watch as she goes about her day getting dressed, putting her makeup on, etc.

My favorite video shows Emily taking a shower with her lovely brunette friend Bailey. Emily is alone when the video begins and then Bailey joins her and they proceed to wash each other off. The clip isn’t high on eroticism, but there’s some inherent in two girls touching each other and that’s going to drive you wild. Plus, there’s nothing like wet teenagers rubbing against each other.

Aside from the picture galleries and videos there’s little else to explore at EmilyDoll. The about me page has a fair amount of information on Emily, although it’s all the typical stuff you see on any centerfold site; favorite food, color, animal, etc. You’ll get to know a little more about Emily but you won’t actually get to know her. The diary had a chance to be that, but she only posted once so you can forget that. There’s also a link for you to write Emily a letter, but given that she doesn’t update the site any longer and only posted one diary entry it’s safe to assume that feature isn’t kept up.

Your membership comes with access to all Teen Dolls websites, of which there are three. So in addition to EmilyDoll you get to visit AlyssaDoll and TinaDoll, both of which feature as much content as you’ll find here. Alyssa is a smoking hottie and Tina is slightly less so, but both girls are worth the investment of your time. The bonus content saves this site from a faint recommendation for lack of content, so it’s a great addition.

Croco’s Opinion

EmilyDoll feels incomplete, but what they have in the member’s area is a fine collection of teen themed pictures and videos. Emily is a good looking girl with genuine youthful look and a bright smile. She loves to pose in cute outfits and strip naked for the camera and all her fans. The site is no longer updated, but the 48 picture galleries and 9 videos will provide enough content to last at least a month. Plus, there are two full fledged teen bonus sites you can access for free. Put all that together and you have a site worthy of your dollars.


The site is simple to navigate and I don’t expect you to have any troubles finding the picture or video sections. The image galleries are laid out well and the videos come with multiple helpful options for downloading.

Pricing Policy

You can join by credit card only. The cost is $3.95 for 3 days access, $24.95 for 30 days access, and $59.95 for 90 days access.

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